IN3110/4110: Higher Level Programming#

A course taught at the University of Oslo#


This lecture series introduces concepts of higher level programming. The lecture introduces essential tools to quickly and efficiently implement programming problems.

The assignments are available on the UiO course website. Video recordings of past lectures are available on this YouTube channel playvideo.

The lecture was initially created by Hans Petter Langtangen and extended by Joakim Sundnes, Ola Skavhaug, Jonathan Feinberg, Karl-Erik Holter, Vidar Tonaas Fauske, Benjamin Ragan-Kelley, Lisa Pankewitz, Sebastian Mitusch, Simon Funke, Ingeborg Gjerde, Vegard Vinje, Miroslav Kuchta and Jørgen S. Dokken. It is being taught on a yearly basis at University of Oslo under the name IN3110/IN4110.

Useful links for current students

Earlier versions of the course content are available on GitHub.